What is the current CYBERTHREAT RISK to your business?

Evidence of the increased risk is based on the escalating number of daily attacks at all companies. The reality is that organised crime syndicates are treating this as a very lucrative business opportunity. A quick Google search will find you the current stats from the FBI or any national or international security cluster world-wide. Crime syndicates are pooling and organising massive resources to attack your business and make huge profits out of it. And they are turning their attention more and more to us in South Africa.


Because we are internationally known to be notoriously cavalier about our security and systems to protect ourselves - and acknowledged to be cheapskates when it comes to investing into our IT security and education of our companies’ users. There is hardly any meaningful cyber resilience strategy in place in most South African companies – and even though the threat is real and acknowledged, the knowledge base and cost implications are often major brake factors in the deployment of a relevant strategy.
Are you and your business at high risk today? Yes, and unfortunately it is mostly because of your weakest links: all your company users!

How are you being targeted?

By digital and social engineering. You and your company users are targeted in various refined ways to gain your trust and “click-capacity” (as demonstrated in the video).
It is very easy to download a program that will engineer a fake site for any fraudster and then you and your users will be spammed until one email with an attachment or link gets through which looks totally legitimate – and a user clicks on it…….
The rest is history as they say. PC’s, Laptops, company server(s) are frozen and you will be held to ransom to release your data and company IP again.
You then just hope that the last back-up was done recently, if at all, and that your IT guy or outsourced company can restore it in less than a week.
Are you happy with this risk level? Have you got the required plans and solutions in place to counter the “worst case scenario”? Are you able to afford the required and proper solutions?

What do you need to prevent a cyber attack?

1. Best breed security and infrastructure (firewalls, virus scanners etc.)
2. Best breed IT staff
3. Best breed users

Is this a realistic set-up and situation for most companies when calculating the cost of procurement and implementation of work required? Probably not.
Is a cloud solution provider a more likely answer to your challenges and the next strategic IT move you need to look at?
Is, for example, Microsoft™ a company that you can and will and should trust with not only providing you with the requisite cloud email solution, but the inherently required multi-layered security features that are included within the base functionality?
They (Microsoft) are in a much greater qualified and financial position to afford the required steps to curtail your specific vulnerability – they have the resources to be rapidly active and pro-active. Speak to us for a free risk evaluation audit and report to identify exact threat zones as well as classifying general problem areas in your whole network. We use latest precise LEM software to run a full audit. Our Log & Event Manager delivers comprehensive, efficient security information and event management (SIEM) and log management with real-time analysis, automated remediation, advanced search and built-in reporting to simplify IT security, compliance and operations in an all-in-one, affordable virtual appliance.
We also get you additional cover with the newest technology, features and security systems within Office 365, Hosted Exchange or Exchange Online.
No contracts, monthly commitment only.
Any other services required? Archiving and Compliance, ZeroSpam, SharePoint, Online Back-up, Fibre Connectivity, Web Hosting and Design, Schooling of users?
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Are you perhaps thinking of going the all-in route? Are you ready for the complete IT package for a fixed monthly sum? No more expensive on-site hardware and large IT personnel groups.

This includes:
a. delivery of hardware (PC’s, laptops, tablets etc.),
b. fully virtualized desktop (your environment runs completely in our secure data centres) and
c. also includes your telephony component (unified communications within Skype For Business).

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We are here to provide you with first-class protection from:
Virus’s and Spam
Malicious Links in Emails
Malicious Attachments
Targeted Spear Phishing attacks
And much more……

Let us look after you, so you don’t get this: